Kanye West Says Red October Release Was Not Good For The People

Ray P

A moment of clarity for Kanye.

Kanye West explains

The idea that those Yeezys sold out in 11 minutes, yeah that's good for my ego, good for my ego. The problem is there's 20,000 of y'all and you know what? That's not good for my people, for my people, for my people.

I know what you're thinking, another Kanye rant - nah, not at all. Kanye took some time out in Newark, New Jersey to really share some clear thoughts about the entire Nike & Adidas situation as well as discuss the Red Nike Air Yeezy 2s.

It's been a long Yeezus tour and we aren't even on the road with Ye. Kanye West has been using his tour as a platform to vent about his frustrations in life. A large part of those frustrations has been fashion, particularly with Nike and their CEO, Mark Parker. Kanye took us from the beginning of the Red October hype to almost a full year later, the release of the Red Nike Air Yeezy 2 on February 9th, 2014.

Are you glad the Red Yeezys dropped? I am, that's for sure. Now that the hype, the fighting, the frustrations, and rants are over we can finally understand where Kanye is coming from because he's not yelling.

I'm not here to be some type of novelty that you can put in a box, so you can say you're the company that released the Yeezys.

Kanye wants products he creates to be available to the masses. To be honest, people enjoy the hype, the exclusivity, and the resale value of the Yeezys more than the actual shoe - just like Supreme.

The Yeezy 2 isn't doper than an Air Jordan 3, don't kid yourself. I'm not saying it's a terrible sneaker, it's cool, but it's not Ralph Level.

If you took my statement out of context, let's put things into perspective. Nike's Air Force One is a super fly sneaker, one of the original most coveted sneakers in the game, but why do majority of people not see value in them? Simply because they are too available. Anyway back to Yeezus.

The reason why I made the decision between Adidas and Nike, is because Adidas said I could make more product for more people. The reason why I speak directly to Tim Cook, directly to Eric Schmidt, directly Mark Parker is cuz I got a microphone and I can!

Now you don't have to listen to Kanye, you can choose not to press play on the YouTube video, but you will because you have to tune in. We as a sneaker culture have never had someone speaking directly to the CEO of Nike voicing their frustrations, for that reason alone it's worth paying attention to. The Nike x Kanye West relationship will go down in sneaker history forever. If you own a pair of Yeezys great, if you don't that's cool too - there's a million other sneakers out there that are dope. Create your own style.

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Watch full video below - skip to 10 minute mark.