Kawhi Leonard Jolly Rancher New Balance Shoe


Jolly Rancher, Kawhi Leonard and New Balance unite.

I don't think Kawhi Leonard is jolly right now since the Clippers lost the series to Denver Nuggets. However, there is an official Jolly Rancher and New Balance collaboration made exclusively for Kawhi Leonard's first NB basketball shoe.

Attention to detail is everything and if you look closely on the tongue you can see the Jolly Ranchers have Kawhi's blank facial expression. Extremely clever and hilarious! The colorful design represents different fruity Jolly Rancher flavors. Which flavor do you think is Kawhi's favorite?

New Balance confirmed the collection will be available this Fall 2020. A release date and pricing has not been confirmed yet.

Stay tuned for more updates. Thoughts?

Photos: New Balance

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This balance shoe seems perfect for Kawhi Leonard's first basketball match. My son would love to watch him playing. however, you can also play online casinos, and to discover more reviews, tips on it you can browse the internet. I hope I can add this balance shoe to my collection someday!



Not for me but I wonder if him losing will effect the interest in these.