Kendrick Lamar Performs In Overly Hyped Kicks


Yeah I said it.

Everyone knows I’m a huge Kendrick Lamar stan. There’s no shame in my game. But when I saw this photo all I could do was shake my head. “Dang, Dot, Nike making you push the VaporMax too?” I said something like that to myself when I first saw the photo.

I saw all the VaporMax cosigns, and I even spent some time in a pair. Nah, BDG ain’t sippin’ the Kool-Aid. The shoe is futuristic trash! You’re not going to see many people keep it 100 due to politics, but I’m just being honest. The shoe is nothing amazing. Sure, it looks futuristic, but it doesn’t feel like the future.

Add another huge cosign like Off White and watch people go ape sh*t. At least Virgil was able to execute more creativity on other pairs from the collection. The VaporMax is literally the VaporMax with lettering on the medial side. Damn son, now that’s fire!

As for Kendrick, I can’t be too mad. I get it. My dude is getting paid to endorse Nike, so he’s most likely down to wear most stuff they send him, especially if Diane (his stylist) signs off on the look.

But DAMN, they got my boy KDot out here rockin’ weakness. Get your money though, Kenny.

Maybe you disagree with everything I said. If so, that’s perfectly fine.

You can show your loyalty by clicking here if you really want a pair.

How do you honestly feel about the VaporMax?

Photo: ro.lexx