Kid Uses GoFundMe to Raise $1,000 For His Sneaker Grails

Ray P


What happens when you're broke as hell and can't cop your grails? In my day, the only option was to ask my Mom, but that really wasn't an option unless I wanted to get smacked in the face for blowing rent money on shoes. But today is a whole different ball game and I'm 100% jealous.

Ethan Fredde has a strong taste for high fashion and his grails were completely unobtainable until a joke turned real serious. As a last ditch effort to try to get $999 for a pair of Geobasket's designed by Rick Owens, Ethan set up a GoFundMe page. Not thinking he would get anywhere close to a band, an anonymous benefactor dropped $670 and the kid hit the goal on his birthday. That's some serious luck. You know what they say, closed mouths don't get fed. Next time you're out of luck but still looking for that come up, GoFundMe might be the wave.

The anonymous $670 actually came from Ethan's Mom's ex-Boyfriend. Which is super random, but very dope. Salute to this guy for getting his grails!

Source: Four Pins

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