Kobe Refused to Sign Nick Young's adidas and Threw Them in the Trash

Ray P

Kobe Refused to Sign Nick Young's adidas

Kobe is no longer playing in the NBA, but he continues to hand out L's.

Throughout the entire season Kobe Bryant has been autographing sneakers for fellow players after games. After the big night, teammate Nick Young felt it was an opportune time to catch the Black Mamba for an autograph.

According to reporter Darius Soriano, Young--who recently left Nike to join team adidas, handed Kobe a pair of adidas to sign. Bryant responded by in savage fashion by throwing the sneakers in the trash and telling him to go get a pair of Nikes.

Gotta love Kobe for being Kobe, ha!

No word on if Nick Young actually had Kobe sign a pair of sneakers, but hopefully he'll provide some clarity on this story soon.