Koji Designer of Atmos Nike Air Max 1 Wants to Change the 2017 Re-release

Ray P

atmos nike air max 1

Sneakerheads took over #AirMaxVoteBack and decided the Atmos Nike Air Max 1 should return for Air Max Day in 2017.

Back in 2007, this collaboration only released in Harlem and Japan. It was extremely difficult to get your hands on them and now they fetch for over $900 on the secondary market.

To no one's surprise, sneakerheads are excited for another chance to get their hands on a pair for retail. But not so fast... Koji, designer at Atmos, has some different plans for the 2017 release:

As I said, it will be released next year. It would be very interesting if I could change some design or materials for the new Air Max 1 “Elephant” 2017 ver. I’m not sure it would be approved but I’m curious… (laughs)

I don't think many people will be happy with Koji's sentiments. Nike recently retro'd his Safari Atmos Air Max 1 and sneakerheads hated the shaggy suede upgrade so much, they shaved it off for more of an OG feel.

Stay tuned to see if Nike does approve the changed. TSG will keep you updated throughout the whole process.