Kylie Jenner Shows Off Stormi's Baby Shoe Collection


Baby Stormi has some heaters in her collection.

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Stormi's Baby Shoe Collection

Who knew that baby Stormi had a nice sneaker collection already?! When your dad is Travis Scott and your mom is Kylie Jenner there is literally no limit what you have access to.

For Stormi, her parents are making sure her first steps will take place in dope kicks. Everything in her growing collection is not heat, but come on, you know she has a few heaters on deck.

In the video above, Kylie shows Stormi's collection and points out a few of her favorites, including Don C Jordan 2s and Black Cement 3s. You also can see a number of other shoes like Sean's Air Max, LV sneakers, Fendi slides, Jordan 1s, Jordan 12s and much more.

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm hyped to dress my kid in a bunch of heaters. It's definitely a parent thing because the baby has no idea what's going on. I started collecting baby shoes in 2003-2004. I have boxes full of vintage and new stuff. It's going to be fun dressing my kid up in pairs you don't see often on babies.

My mom always thought I was silly for collecting baby shoes. She would always say, "What if you have a girl?" I told her the shoes will be worn whether it's a boy or girl and the mother of my kids will totally understand. Ha!

To be honest, my kids shoe game might give the new generation of Kardashians a run for their money. lol

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Stormi's Baby Shoe Collection