LeBron and Kevin Durant Discuss Top 3 Sneakers of All Time


The Top 3 question of any topic always makes for a great debate.

I don’t care if you’re talking about your Top 3 rappers of all time or in this case, your Top 3 sneakers of all time.

Truth be told, this is a discussion that we need to have on TSG. But right now, it’s about two of the greatest athletes in the NBA, LeBron James and Kevin Durant.

A series of barber shop talk clips have recently surfaced featuring LeBron, KD, James Harden, Future, Ebro, Steve Stoute and more!

Watch the clip below to find out what LeBron and KD’s Top 3 sneakers of all time are. It’s worth mentioning that they couldn’t include either of their Nike signature shoes, so there’s no mention of LeBrons or KDs.

Share your thoughts below.

Sidebar: Watch the second clip to hear Future’s thoughts on Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt not being an automatic success when it first dropped due to Pac and Biggie.