LeBron James Walks You Through One of His Sneaker Rooms

Ray P

LeBron James sneaker room

I thought we'd never see the day where we get to see a LeBron James sneaker room.

Nike just signed King James to a lifetime sneaker deal. If you read TSG you should've heard the news by now. In wake of the announcement, LeBron decided to thank his fans in the best way possible.

Posted in up in a white room with nothing but sneakers on shelves, James gives his thoughts on the big deal.

Not only did LeBron share his excitement, he also gives you a peek at just ONE of his sneaker rooms. Within this room you get a glimpse at just how many Nike LeBron sneakers exist.

It's a ridiculous amount and keep in mind this is just one room. Check out the heart felt message below from LeBron James.

Source: Bleacher Report

Did you spot any favorites in LeBron James sneaker room?