Lil Boosie's Plug Juug'd Him with a Bunch of Fake Sneakers

Ray P

Say it ain't so Boosie! Who ever your plug is, please call him right now to get your money back.

boosie fake sneakers-1

Just an hour ago Rapper Lil Boosie hit the Gram to ask his followers what sneakers he should wear today. His options were Yeezy 750 Boosts, OVO 10s, OVO 12s, or French Blue 12s.

The only problem here is that three out of the four sneakers are the lowest quality fakes in the game. And there's no debating this.

Boosie gets a pass here because he's not on the Gram flexing daily like he's some sort of sneaker King. We just hope this reaches Jordan Brand, Nike, and adidas so they can bless him with some authentic sneakers.

We got your back Boosie if you need sneaker consultants. TSG knows to say NO to fakes!

Boosie fake sneakers