Look Inside the $2 Million Sneaker Collection

Ray P


The $2 Million sneaker collection is owned by none other than Andre Ljustina.

For the first time ever, the guy known on the internet as Croatian Style unveils perhaps the best sneaker collection ever seen to date.

Most of the sneakers within this collection you've probably never seen before. Guys such as Ray Allen, Chris Paul, and Drake have given Andre access to amazing pairs of PEs Jordan Brand made exclusively for them.

Dre even brought out a unicorn pair of deadstock "Space Jam" Air Jordan 11s made for Michael Jordan on the set of the movie. In addition to the DS pair, he has the pair actually worn by MJ.

Complex caught up with the man and his $2 million sneaker collection in LA recently. Peep the full spot above.

Images: @drewruiz90

What was your favorite sneaker shown within the $2 Million Sneaker Collection?

$2 Million Sneaker Collection
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