Louis Vuitton's First Skate Shoe Designed by Lucien Clarke


One of the biggest sneaker headlines in 2020.

You can say what you want about Virgil Abloh, but you can't deny the doors he's currently kicking down at Louis Vuitton.

Hip Hop, skateboarding and streetwear, which are all related, have always been highly influential. It's plenty of proof to back that statement and here's another one for those who need more evidence: LV inked its first skateboarder deal with Jamaican, Lucien Clarke.

Virgil and Lucien both announced the news August 24, 2020. LV's first skater deal comes with a new skate shoe designed by Clarke AND an ad inside [wait for it]... Thrasher magazine! If you don't know how groundbreaking this news is then I don't know what else to say.

Let's recap. Louis Vuitton signed a skater who designed the first LV skate shoe with a Thrasher magazine ad as the cherry on top.

LV hasn't been the same since June 21, 2018. The end.

No word on retail price or release date.

Photos: Lucien Clarke / Thrasher Magazine