Virgil Abloh Named New Louis Vuitton Men’s Artistic Director


Virgil Abloh named new Louis Vuitton Men’s Artistic Director.

Major news alert! Major culture alert!

Louis Vuitton has named Virgil Abloh as the new Mens Artistic Director. My mind is still blown by this news because its almost unbelievable. Have you been paying attention?

Remember when Kanye said him and Virgil took Fendi the mothalovin leather jogger pant 6 years before the trend? Remember all the times brands told Ye and Virgil No!?

This is all been in the making for years. LV let Kanye have a sip, but didnt want to give him access to the rest of the brand. Nike gave Kanye West (a non athlete) two signature shoes, saw his impact & influence on the culture and still let him walk to adidas.

Its not just about Kanye, though, because Virgil has been right there with him the entire time. I said that to say, brands didnt want to acknowledge the influence of the people they take ideas and influence from. We are slowly starting to see that way of thinking change.

Like I said on Twitter, Virgil is just another example that anything is possible. Congrats on the huge win and well all be watching closely. LV confirmed Virgils first show will take place in June during Mens Fashion Week in Paris.

Share your thoughts in the comments and watch the vids for more insight on the come up.

Virgil Abloh Named New Louis Vuitton Mens Artistic Director