Meet the adidas FutureCraft 3D Printed Sneaker

Ray P

Many brands are talking the talk, but adidas stepped up and is walking the walk. The idea of 3D printed sneakers has been farfetched up until this moment. Essentially getting sneakers to fit the precise measurements of your feet has become a serious possiblity now, courtesy of adidas.

"Imagine walking into an Adidas store, running briefly on a treadmill and instantly getting a 3D-printed running shoe,"

Meet the adidas Futurecraft prototype which features an uncaged Ultra Boost upper with a completely 3D printed midsole. This shoe won't hit retail yet, but its a step closer toward making the future of sneaker production a reality. No two midsoles will be alike as it would be custom fitted for your own feet. In the above video, the adidas FutureCraft 3D gets a hands on review from a style, fit, and performance point of view. Check it out and stick with TSG for more details in the future to come.

adidas futurecraft 3d printed-1
adidas future craft 3d print