Meet the Burberry Trainer Sneaker


Is this a yes or no? New Burberry sneaker alert.

Meet the Burberry Trainer Sneaker

This past weekend I was in Milan, Italy and I came across a new Burberry sneaker. If I didn't see this shoe in a high end department store I would have assumed it was fake.

It's legit, and it's a brand new release from the London, England based fashion house. For people who really pay attention to the sneaker industry, the first sneaker that comes to mind when looking at this model is probably the KD 7.

Burberry refers to this new release as the "Vintage Check Cotton sneaker" but Burberry Trainer sounds a lot better to me. Watch the short video for a closer look and you will see all the details.

In the event you like what you see, you'll be pleased to know you have options because Burberry also made a high top. The low top retail price is $590 USD and the high top is $650.

Can you get jiggy with these?

Meet the Burberry Trainer Sneaker