My First Impression of Dwyane Wade's New Li Ning Way of Wade 4 "Liberty"

Ray P

li ning way of wade 4 liberty release
Photography by @rayp_photos

I could've just posted these original images and wrote up a generic release date paragraph, but since this is my first pair of Dwyane Wade's Li Ning sneakers, I decided to offer my opinion to those who've never owned a pair themselves.

What you're looking at is Dwyane Wade's newest signature shoe, the Li Ning Way of Wade 4. Off top, the colorway is pure dope like what Pablo Escobar was pushing (shout out to Narcos). Li Ning dubs this the "Liberty" colorway, but no matter what you call it, you can't ever go wrong with the Tiffany look. As long as the first drop wasn't Red October inspired, Dwyane is off on the right track, am I right?

I have a strong appreciation for the details on the WoW 4 more than anything else.
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li ning way of wade 4 liberty release-10

My favorite part of the sneakers is the front view. I love the all-over print stars on the laces and the military wreath around the branding on the tongue. It reminds me of the countless hours I spent trying to be a 5-star General Level 50 on Halo 3. Good times.

The shoe itself is a bit bulky, which is understandable because Wade plays both physical and agile. However, bulky doesn't mean heavy because the multi-layered mesh upper keeps the shoe light weight. If you take a closer look, the mesh is transparent and that gives it a really cool pattern to it.

I've been digging runners a lot more than Basketball sneakers lately, so in terms of actually wearing Dwyane Wade's new shoe, I'd probably rock them for neck breaking opportunities. They're fresh enough to turn heads because they kind of look like the LeBron 8 and Kyrie 1, but the details make them look different enough to have folks asking "what are those?" in a good way.

The best detail about Dwyane Wade's sneakers is the exclusivity factor. You simply just can't just walk into a Footlocker and cop. The only boutique that will carry the Li Ning WoW 4 will be The Edition out in Miami or you can shop directly with Li Ning online. If you're anything like me, that matters because there's nothing more I despise than stepping out the house and looking like the rest of the city.

On a scale of trash to fire, I'd rate the WoW 4 as cool. That's like right in the middle for me.

If you're looking for a performance review, I'm definitely not the guy for that. I'll be on the look out for guys like Foamer Simpson or Nightwing 2303 to let us know how the WoW 4 performs. I hope my first impressions helped!

Dwyane Wade x Li Ning Way of Wade 4 "Liberty"

Release Date: October 23rd

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