New Balance 1500 Listerine Works if You Don't Have the Toothpaste Pack

Ray P

New Balance 1500 Listerine

The New Balance 1500 Listerine is starting to hit select retailers across the world as we speak.

Almost 10 years ago, Solebox murked their NB collab with the Toothpaste pack. Now, New Balance is back with a similar colorblocking but in an all-new color.

The vibrant aqua wrapping aroung the 1500 reminds me of Listerine mouthwash. Could this be done purposeful as a cool counterpart to the Toothpaste pack? As a conspiracy theorist, I'd like to think so, ha!

Either way, this New Balance colorway is super fresh. Be on the look out at your local boutiques who carry New Balance for this Spring delivery. Grab a closer look below.

H/T: Sneaker News

New Balance 1500 Listerine