New Louis Vuitton VNR Sneaker


New Louis Vuitton VNR sneaker…

High end brands want a piece of the sneaker market.

Can you blame them though? It’s a billion dollar industry and sneakers are more popular than they’ve ever been. Seriously, some people are wearing sneakers like they just came out.

To be fair, high end luxury brands have always made sneakers, but as of late we’ve seen more and more models released by LV, Gucci, Fendi, Balenciaga and the list goes on.

Louis Vuitton just debuted its new VNR model which stands for “Vuitton New Runner.” I know, it seems like one of the creatives at LV could’ve came up with a better name.

According to LV, the VNR features a technical elegance that has already earned the shoe iconic status. Is that right?! Yo, it’s nothing like being your biggest fan.

LV also added: “Lightweight, flexible and leading edge, the VNR combines know-how and aesthetics in one. One year’s research and development was required to manufacture these trainers with an urban flair. They take their inspiration from the house’s heritage, while meeting the demands of style and technical expertise.”

That’s all you need to know. Oh, and the shoes are available now for $1170 in four colors.

In closing I’ll say this, it will be very interesting to see what Virgil Abloh does with LV because we might see new footwear that’s impressive or VNRs with all-over “Luxury” text. Only time will tell.

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New Louis Vuitton VNR Sneaker