Nike Air Max 1 iD Info (Part 2): Air Max 1 iD Available At 21 Mercer - Spring Options


Nike Air Max 1 iD

It's been a long time coming (we've known about this since the original news), but we can finally let the cat out the bag. You can now design your Nike Air Max 1 iD at Nike Sportswear 21 Mercer. Yes, it's a reality but don't jump off your horse just yet. Really, don't do it...

We originally wanted to add this news to the AM1 iD news we broke a couple of months back, but was held back by uncertainty. At the time, Nike was in discussion about which shoe they wanted to bring in after the Bespoke Air Force 1. It was between the AM1 and another. Did they decide on the AM1? Well, not really. Nike is still uncertain on what shoe to bring in, but seeing the AM1 in the studio could be a good sign. Especially given the fact that the AM1 iD sold out for a couple of weeks in a row and is still being sold at an alarming rate. Seen now at NSW 21 Mercer, could be a sign of things to come or it could just be another venue in which will help Nike take more orders for the shoe.

So what is different at NSW 21 Mercer than Nike Town/Online iD studios? The only thing different, as of right now, is that you get to work with another talented group of designers. You can not use any Bespoke materials like denim, nubuck, canvas, full grain leather, safari print etc. So get that out of your head. One nice feature though is that you get to see a load of samples (images below). As far as price, it's the same $125+ tax (depending on where you live) and $20 shipping.

AM1 iD studio comparison: Nike Town Studio vs Online Studio = Same ][ Nike Town/Online Studio vs 21 Mercer = Same

From 21 Mercer: The long awaited return of the Air Max 1 to the iD pallet has arrived and is now availble for customization here at 21 Mercer. With a wide selection of colors/materials including Black, Silver, Midnight Fog and White Mesh as well as base colors including Stadium Green, Hyper Blue, Club Purple, Pink Flash, Hot Red, Voltage Yellow and suede's coming in Black, Silver, Midnight Fog, White, Stadium Green, Hyper Blue, Obsidian, Club Purple, Beet and Speed Yellow the options come together nicely. Check out some pics of some inspiration samples below.

So, for now the AM1 iD at NSW 21 Mercer is the same as both Nike Town and Online studios. Let's see what the future may bring for this model at 21 Mercer. Will Nike decide on the AM1 as the next Bespoke? What do you guys think and what Nike model would you like to see make the cut at NSW 21 Mercer? What would you pay to make a Bespoke AM1?

Updated Options for the Spring

More options are on the way to the Air Max 1 iD. For the Spring, Nike will be bringing some new color options that will be added to the existing palette. These color options are, a light aqua (light teal) for the mesh and 3M, orange and lime for 3M. These options can change with added colors or not added at all. But, these are confirmed sample swatches already at the studio. Unfortunately, we do not have a picture just yet. Rest assured that we are working on it. No confirmed date yet for the options.

Check out the load of samples pictures below with a few real life iD's by some of my fellow ISS members. Stay tuned for further news and full details or follow our respective twitters for quicker updates. You never know what we may tweet before anyone else.





ISS Member Konradsk's iD


ISS Member Crisuno's iD


ISS Member JuKeBox iD's


Thanks to the ISS members for the pictures.

Something to think about...

If you look at the recent Air Max 1 x Patta shoe series, it will give you an idea of what a Bespoke Air Max 1 could look like: denim, nubuck, canvas, corduroy, nubuck perf and a thicker weaved mesh. I wouldn't be surprised if Patta came down to 21 Mercer to design these shoes, since it was a special occasion for them. Just a thought of what could possibly be.