Nike and Under Armour Had Great Holiday Numbers, adidas Not So Much

Ray P

Holiday 2015 was jammed packed with sneaker releases. So much so it was almost completely overwhelming.

nike under armour adidas

Under Armour made noise, so did adidas and Nike. Kanye West appeared to be the biggest winner of the holiday. But how does all that hype play into actual numbers?

Here's the sales reports per

Nike +18.6%
Under Armour +98.6%
adidas -7.7%

Under Amour killed it. Their entire run in 2015 was one of the greatest moments to witness in the sneaker culture.

Nike was doing what Nike does best. They put up numbers on the board and delivered more than enough options to choose from.

Adidas being in the red is absolutely surprising. Perhaps having Kanye West dominate the holiday was a gift and a curse. Everyone wanted Yeezys for Christmas, including my 17 year old cousin who could careless about shoes. So if you weren't getting Kanye's sneakers under the tree, you probably didn't want any other adidas consolation prize.

On the other hand, if people couldn't buy the real Yeezys for $200, they definitely were buying fakes. If you were on social media during Christmas, you'd notice the crazy amount of people who got fake Yeezys for the holiday.

This sales report comes a week after Kanye West dropped the Nike diss song FACTS and Nick Young claimed that the Swoosh is dead. Those guys are going to have to hang their pride up and stop the trolling.

Will Under Armour continue their reign this year? Will adidas' partnerships start to convert into better sales for 2016? We'll have to wait and see.

Read the full detailed Holiday 2015 Sneaker Sales report over at right now.