Nike Delivers A Better Plan To Release In-Store Launch Product

Ray P

Nike went back to the drawing board for in-store releases as the current RSVP system fell under a lot of scrutiny. Making the process more streamline, instead of entering the store to fill out raffle cards, you'll be able to enter a drawing for launch product from the comfort of your home as long as you have a Nike+ account.



1. Using one of our official NIKE store Twitter account, we will announce when/if launch products will be available via an online drawing.

2. To participate in the drawing, you must sign in with your Nike+ account, which will be authenticated through a text message which will be received through your mobile device. If you do not have a Nike+ account, you can sign up for one here. You will then receive a text message to your mobile device. Currently, only devices offered through a U.S. mobile carrier will be supported. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will not be supported as we work to make sure our product lands in the hands of real consumers. Each Nike+ account will only support one verified mobile number. All registration and verification must be completed in advance of the drawing event. accounts are not eligible to participate.

3. When the drawing is underway, you will select your desired shoe, size and NIKE store purchase location before the allocated time runs out. Styles, sizes, and purchase locations will vary based on product allocations. Entering for more than one shoe style does not impact your odds of being selected.

4. Once the drawing is closed and all entries are received, NIKE will conduct a random selection and notify participants of their eligibility to purchase the launch product via email within 24 hours. All entries submitted in the drawing have an equal chance of being selected. Speed of entry is not a factor as long as you submit your entry before the drawing closes.

5. Participants that are selected in the drawing will receive purchase details via email.

6. At time of purchase, a valid photo ID (state issued, passport, military or school ID) with a first and last name matching the Nike+ account entered in the drawing is required to purchase the reserved shoes at the location stated in the drawing. Participants will not be able to transfer their eligibility to others.

7. All unclaimed products will not be available for purchase at another time.

8. Abuse and/or policy violations within the system will result in cancelation or disqualification in future events.

You can read more rules regarding Nike's update on in-store launch product release procedures here.

What are your thoughts on this new method of trying to cop sneakers from your local Nikestore? Share opinions by leaving a comment down below.