Nike Kobe 11 Officially Unveiled

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Nike Kobe 11 officially unveiled and launches on January 9th,2016. Retail price is set at $200.

Per Nike:

The KOBE 11 is a progressive low-top that distills Bryant’s signature legacy to its essence: high performance, lightweight, responsive and sophisticated design.

At first glance, the low-top and simplified silhouette appears familiar. One could be fooled into believing that they’ve seen this before. Wrong. Look closer.

See those pearlescent fibers? Those are thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) threads, an indication of progression; and, despite their subtlety, an announcement of the arrival of an evolution, a stronger iteration of Nike Flyknit.

Fittingly, this progressive technology debuts on the KOBE 11, underscoring the dedication to innovation that has cemented Kobe Bryant’s design legacy, one that rivals, if not extends, the champion’s on-court perfectionism.

The launch colorway is dubbed the Nike Kobe 11 Achilles Heel.

Nike Kobe 11 Officially Unveiled

Over 11 silhouettes, Bryant and Avar have set a high bar for personal narratives embedded in signature lines. The launch colorway of the KOBE 11, Achilles Heel, is no different.

The deep red and black shoe features subtle nods to the Greek god Achilles, and Bryant’s own career arch.

Known to be invulnerable in all of his body except for his heel, Achilles’ ultimate demise resulted from an arrow to his weak point during the Trojan War. Consequently, the term “Achilles heel,” was born.

The KOBE 11 Achilles Heel features a graphic representation of the hero on the right heel, while the left features four-stitch marks representing the four feet of thread used in Bryant’s 2013 Achilles surgery.

Grab an official look below.

Nike Kobe 11 Officially Unveiled

Nike Kobe 11 Officially Unveiled
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