Nike Rep Cursed Out The Cameraman Because LeBron James Crashed Into Him

Ray P

lebron james crashes into cameraman nba finals 2015
Image via USA Today Sports

If you were watching game 4 of the NBA Finals last night, you witnessed LeBron James crashing head first into a cameraman and coming out with substantial gashes on his dome piece. The way King James was grimacing in pain left everyone gasping for air as it looked pretty serious. If that's the way we felt, imagine how certain individuals who reap the benefits of James being a cash cow felt after the accident.

Not Momma James, but one man in particular came to LeBron's defense in a not-so-friendly manner. That man was James' Nike Brand Manager, Lynn Merritt (the same guy who took all the film from anyone who taped LeBron getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford). After you watch the crash, listen to how Merritt blamed the cameraman for the injury.


Whether it was another display of LeBron James' acting or Bogut's strength that made him plow into the crowd, Lynn Merritt name-called and disrespected the cameraman claiming it was his fault. I'm sorry to say, but you are wrong sir.

If one thing is clear, it's that Nike is hypersensitive of anything or anyone that may cause harm to their King. No word if Merritt called the goons to find the cameraman after the game.

In closing, this definitely isn't the public image Nike wants out there, but who am I kidding? They'll probably have some insane restock on in a few days just to win the people over, lol.