Nike Should Retro These AF1 Hyperstrikes For Manny Pacquiao During Fight Weekend

Ray P

nike air force 1 filipino philippines 2006

Pinoy pride.

The most legendary Boxing match of our generation between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is finally going to happen this weekend on May 2nd. As we all know, Manny has been a Nike endorsed athlete for quite some time and even had a few PE's released too.

Nike's been had Pinoy pride.

With Manny being a Nike athlete on such a huge platform this weekend, the Swoosh has to do something big right? After losing a few fights and some financial issues, Nike doesn't seem as fully committed to Pac-Man as they used to be, but that shouldn't stop them from giving the man some exclusive heat this weekend.

I highly recommend Nike retro this 2006 Air Force 1 Hyperstrike just so Manny can wear them for his walk to the ring. Maybe even release a select amount in Las Vegas. If there's one thing I know, it's that Filipinos love two things a lot - Manny Pacquiao and Nike. I'm not Filipino and I think the "Pinoy" Nike Air Force 1 is fire. So you can imagine the craze these would create in 2015.

Check out these detailed images of the Nike Air Force 1 Hyperstrike "Philippines"

If interested we found a size 9.5 DS here

nike air force 1 filipino philippines 2006-4
nike air force 1 filipino philippines 2006-1
nike air force 1 filipino philippines 2006-2