Nike Sportswear Air Max 1 "West-Red" ND



If you're a fan of the Nike Air Max 1, you can say it's been of a hit and miss 2009 for the iconic model. We have seen interesting concepts like the "Seer Sucker" and the Sneakers BR "Lanceiro - Brazil". We also saw the very fast selling release Air Max 1 OG '87 QS in "Sport Red" and "Varsity Blue" (out in very limited locations so far). Here we have the Nike Sportswear Air Max 1 - "West" which is in a Nike series called "East vs West". You may have caught a glimpse of the shoe in the Nike Sportswear Air Max Fall '09 Preview.

There has been very positive feedback and excitement for this Nike Sportswear Air Max 1 - "West" from the 2009 Rivals holiday collection. Just by looking at the pictures you can understand why. The perfect ingredients include red suede for the upper, black suede for the mudguard and swoosh. Then a white mesh for the toe box, a white midsole, a mixture of light brown and white for the out-sole (originally thought to be a 3/4 gummy sole). To finish it off you have an added white suede to the ankle eyelets, a beaver silhouette graphic to the insole and white laces to go.

Look for these now at Nike Sports Wear 21 Mercer, andProper in Limited Quantities. Yes, you read right. LIMITED! Check with your TZ and Specialty shops for these to drop within the days coming.


Stay tuned for AM1 "West-Blue" and "West-Brown" news coming soon.