Nike "What the Doernbecher" Dunk SB's Ended at a Grand Total Of...

Ray P

Nike_What_The_Doernbecher_ SB DUNK

For the first time ever, Nike and the Doernbecher Hospital created a mashup of 13 of their previous Nike SB collaborations. The Nike "What the Doernbecher" Dunk SB was no ordinary release as the only way folks could get their hands on them was through an eBay auction. Eleven pairs of the "What the Doernbecher" - one of each size 8-12, 13, 14 were sold. Trolls prematurely ruined the auctions which began on June 11th for Nike & Doernbecher and resulted in a wasted full day worth of bidding. Now 11 days later, the auctions have closed and the final amounts are in.

With all proceeds benefiting Doernbecher Children's Hospital, the Nike "What the Doernbecher" Dunk SB cashed in $139,118.02. The size 11.5 ended at $23,100.01 which was the highest amount of any of the shoes. Congrats to Nike, Doernbecher Hospital and all of the Children who will receive help from the proceeds.