No Such Thing As Unauthorized Authentic, It's either Real or Fake and Here's Why

Ray P

no grey market for sneakers

Let's dead all the in-depth discussions about what makes a sneaker authentic or fake. Over the past few years new terms such as "unauthorized authentic" or "early pairs" have been thrown around in the community to validate sneakers that aren't bought from retail. That fact is that those terms are just a fancy way to say fake.

With the rise of social media came the rise of the "Grey Market".

Where blogs and forums were once the gate keepers in terms of credibility in the sneaker culture, platforms like Instagram and YouTube helped just about anyone create an alias to become the ultimate plug. How? Companies who copy blueprints and reverse engineer sneakers became more accessible through social media.

In our world, if you have a bunch of followers - your product or information has to be legit right? Wrong. That type of mentality helped Supplied PDX build an empire of fakes that raked in over $2Million before the FEDS shut them down.

The good folks over at HYPEBEAST gets right to the point and breaks down exactly what makes a sneaker real or fake. Shoot over to their blog and read that right now. It's worth the read.

Do you cop from third party sellers or strictly retail? Share your thoughts on this topic down below in the comments.