"Ocean Water Theory" Nike Flyknit Roshes Are The Wave

Ray P

nike flyknit roshe game royal
Images via Titolo

(DJ Khaled voice) Real talk TSG Fam, these theories right here go fresh with some linen shorts and a clean black tee. See how that ocean water blue sequins material sits on that crispy white sole? It reminds me of the time in Key West where I drove my yatch in the middle of the ocean just to jump off the boat for no reason. Cameras just happen to be on the yatch so I put that shot in my music video for no reason, you feel me? Nike is lucky these Flyknit Roshes only drop in Women's sizes because I could make space for a couple pair in my sneaker room. Oh yeah, for no reason though any celebs thinking their sneaker room is better, just remember we the best!

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