Off White CST 100 Bandage Sneaker


New Off White sneaker releasing sooner than expected.

Off White CST 100 Bandage Sneaker...

Virgil Abloh's Off White empire made a name for itself way before the Nike and Jordan collaborations. How do you think Virgil got Nike's attention? You don't have to answer that, but his streetwear meets high fashion brand put him on Nike's radar.

Aside from the Nike collection, Off White produces its own footwear. The CST 100 Bandage sneaker was teased back in February and Off White announced the release date is June 20.

This new Off White sneaker reminds me of a mixture of models that were popular in 2007/2008 combined with present day high fashion footwear. Without a doubt, fashion heads are going to be all over this shoe.

Look for these to release at Off White flagship stores as well as online. This model will be available in women's and men's, but no retail price was provided.

Are you a fan of this design?

Off White CST 100 Bandage Sneaker