OG Packaging is Back for the 2015 Retro of "Neon" Nike Air Max 95s

Ray P

air max 95 neon 2015 OG packaging-3
Images: @maddrabbit

Nike recently unveiled the return of the "Neon" Air Max 95 retro for 2015, but what they didn't tell us is how dope the release would be. Not only does the classic colorway come back, but you also Neon 95's in the OG packaging! Finally a true retro. Sure you may have a pair in the stash, but the box just turned this release to a MUST COP (in my opinion). Are you going to shoot for the Nike Air Max 95 Neon?

The "Neon" Nike Air Max 95 release date is July 25th, 2015.

air max 95 neon 2015 OG packaging-1
air max 95 neon 2015 OG packaging-4
air max 95 neon 2015 OG packaging