Opinion: A Better Alternative Than Spending $500 For "Sharpie" Nike Air Foamposites

Ray P

nike air foamposite sharpie

Recently TSG reported on the first look at the next Penny Hardaway x Nike sneaker pack. For $500 you'll be receiving the Nike Air Penny 6 and the "Sharpie" Nike Air Foamposite. 

What you're getting inside the pack is great, a new signature silhouette and a famed story from the Penny Hardaway archives. However, paying $500 makes no sense to me in this situation. I hate to be a party pooper, but are we really going to let Nike charge us an arm and a leg for "sharpie" on a shoe most of us Penny fans already have?

If you ask me, I'm down to do the same thing Penny Hardaway did with his pair. Grab a $3 sharpie and mark up my 2006 pair of Royal Foamposites. That's way cheaper and a lot more authentic to the true story. Another option for "Sharpie" Foamposites is to find the Royals on eBay and save yourself the time, hassle, and extra money this special pack will require. As for the Nike Air Penny 6... well I don't see that shoe reselling for more than $250. You can wait until everyone splits up their pack and maybe cop for the low. 

I love the theme of the pack, but the execution is poor. Maybe an official collaboration with Sharpie (even though we all know Nike is too greedy for that)? Or simply just releasing the shoes separately, that's a great idea.

My opinion shouldn't stop you from deciding to cop, but hopefully it made you think a little bit before dropping $500. I will not be buying this pack. Shout out if you are, though!

*This was written by someone who owns two pairs of Royal Foamposites and isn't scared to vandalize them.