Outfit Inspiration for Supreme x Air Jordan 5 "Camo"

Ray P

supreme air jordan 5 outfit inspiration

If you needed some style tips on how to wear the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 "Camo," then TSG has your back. These Supremes aren't for the skinny pants wearing wannabe homeless Kanye Stans, it's for the guys who like to look rugged and listen to DMX for breakfast. These are 'Get at Me Dog' while you're brushing your teeth type shoes.

The Supreme x Air Jordan 5 "Camo" collaboration is scheduled to release Fall 2015, so you might want to get a head start and march down to your nearest Army&Navy store for some deals during the Summer. We paired a desert camo parka jacket with the shoes to keep the theme consistent throughout or in other words to be the flyest cat on the block. One piece of the outfit you don't see is the razor blade you keep under your tongue just incase someone wants to try you for your 'Premes, nah mean?

If you enjoyed our carefully curated styling tips for the Supreme x Air Jordan 5 let us know in the comments section below.