OVO Air Jordan 10 Camp Out Just Got Shutdown & Cancelled By Toronto Police

Ray P

ovo air jordan 10 campout shutdown by police
Image via Facebook

In my best Skepta voice, OVO Air Jordan 10 camp out ting SHUT DOWN! Sorry Toronto it's SHUT DOWN!

After news spread of an August 1st release at the OVO Pop-up Shop about 30 people lined up their chairs and starting camping in anticipation. A close source of TSG who was in Toronto had the following to say, "It's Caribana weekend. I think they will postpone it because the city is too busy right now to release something of this magnitude. People who came from Montreal, now have to go home."

As of right now there are no updates on when the OVO Air Jordan 10 will release for OVOFest weekend, but Jordan Brand has confirmed a global release date of September 12th at select retailers. Stay tuned for more updates on the camp out in Toronto for OVO Air Jordan 10's.