Pacsun Handed Out So Many Ls at the FEAR OF GOD Vans Era Release

So Many Ls at the FEAR OF GOD Vans Era Release
So Many Ls at the FEAR OF GOD Vans Era Release

Were you able to cop the Fear of God Vans Era? So many people took Ls at the FOG Vans Era release. Watch the short recap video to see how things went down at...


Yours truly attended one of the many Fear of God Vans Era releases at Pacsun on Saturday.

I’m a very optimistic guy, but once Jerry Lorenzo and Pacsun announced the release date for the shoes, I knew it was going to be a zoo on the release day.

The thing is, Jerry Lorenzo is one of the most influential people in fashion right now, and people go crazy for just about anything created by Fear of God.

Jerry started teasing the FOG Vans collab months ago and that only added to the hype, so I wasn’t shocked when I saw the line on Saturday.

If I was in control, I would have released the Era the exact same way they released the FOG Sk8 Hi: at a random time! That way it’s unexpected and gives everyone a fair shot.

But I don’t control anything at FOG or Pacsun which is why I took a L like so many others on Saturday.

When I arrived at 7:45-8am, the line was already 60 deep! I didn’t even bother standing in line because that thing called common sense wouldn’t let me.

I started asking people how long they’ve been in line and the majority said, “since 6.” I told my boonapolist the night before that I refuse to wake up at 5am to go stand in a line from 6-10am hoping I get a pair.

I’m no stranger the game, I know how it works. Unless you have a connect or willing to cop in the secondary market, nothing is guaranteed. Nothing!

I grabbed my camera before I left the house because I already had an idea of what to expect. If I couldn’t cop a pair, at least I could document the Sadderday experience.

As I mentioned, the line was crazy, but that was expected since FOG and Pacsun announced the release date. Want to know what was even crazier? Of course you do.

When Pacsun started passing out tickets to purchase, the line was 100+ deep. The lady passed out tickets to purchase to everyone in line. All of a sudden fam – word to Qias – people assumed they would be able to buy something from the collection because they received a ticket.

But no, that wasn’t the case at all! It turns out the store only had 10-12 pairs of shoes and probably the same amount of hoodies & jackets. So why pass out 100+ tickets if you know damn well you don’t have that much product to sell?

It’s doesn’t take a genius to figure out why Pacsun didn’t inform people about quantity from the jump. Instead, they played a lot of people and got their hopes up. Those purchase tickets quickly turned into tangible Ls.

I took my L like a man. As one should.

Did you try to cop on Saturday? Were you successful? Are the shoes worth the hype?

If you REALLY want a pair, click here.

Watch the short recap video above and let the discussion begin.