Parley adidas Boost is Made from Recycled Plastic Pulled from the Ocean

Ray P

parley adidas boost recycled plastic

Meet the Parley adidas Boost, a groundbreaking innovation that will inspire change in the sneaker industry for years to come.

Parley is an awareness group that creates projects to help end the destruction of the ocean. Combined with adidas Boost technology, both brands created a shoe that not only looks good but also benefits Earth.

per adidas:

The first shoe ever made using Parley Ocean Plastic. The gillnet used to create the adidas x Parley shoe was intercepted by Sea Shepherd during Operation Icefish, a record-breaking mission to protect sea life from illegal fishing in the Southern Pacific.

The shoe has been created with adidas' most innovative production method: adidas Tailored Fibre Technology, a revolutionary manufacturing technique that enables unique footwear designs to be tailored to the individual needs of any athlete.

Parley x adidas previously created the FutureCraft which featured a 3D printed sole made from recycled waste.

Parley adidas Boost