People Are Sleeping On These 2 PUMA Sneakers


In my opinion, these are two slept on PUMA models.

First off, I would like to inform everyone that this is NOT a sponsored post. This article is my honest opinion regarding two Puma models that I feel people are currently sleeping on.

I just want to be transparent because it's important that you know this is how I truly feel. To be clear, brands can't buy my opinion, but they can buy visibility -- there is a huge difference.

If you've been reading this blog for years, you know I wear what I like. Sometimes you will see me wearing popular models, and sometimes you'll catch me in a pair where you have to ask "what are those called?" I feel like everyone should wear what they like, but that's not always the case.

Sure, sometimes I like hype, but I NEVER buy hyped sneakers that I don't genuinely like. I said that to say, we rarely see Puma releases with a lot of hype or heavy celebrity cosigns.

And because of that, it's easy for a lot of releases to go unnoticed. I've been saying for years that Puma offers some of the best quality for great prices, and that overall Puma is underrated.

I wanted to take out some time to shed light on two Puma models that I feel people are sleeping on.

Up first, the $100 PUMA Inhale in Summer Melon/High Risk Red

I recall the first time I saw this model and being impressed by the design. However, I noticed the shoe didn't receive a lot of visibility when it released. To this day, I still think a lot of people don't even know this shoe released.

Look, I'm not going to nerd out or tell you that you have to buy any of these sneakers. I simply want to bring them to your attention and allow you to be the judge.

As for the Summer Melon Puma Inhale, this colorway is too fire and I'm attracted to the design. To make things even better, this shoe only retails for $100. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

If you like what you see:

Shoes - PUMA Inhale at

Pants - Han Kjøbenhavn x PUMA Alteration Pants at (2 colors available)


The $110 PUMA Cell Alien OG in Black/Surf The Web

I'm big on shape when it comes to sneakers. Shape is very important! That said, I love the shape of the Puma Cell Alien OG. Aside from shape, I also like the colorway.

Maybe you're not feeling this colorway, but the good news is 8 different colors are up for grabs online.

I honestly thought more people would gravitate towards this design. In my opinion, this sneaker should be in more people's rotation as well as making its way around the various Fashion Weeks and Instagram.

Come to think of it, that's exactly why I wrote this article. Ha!

If you like what you see:

Shoes - PUMA Cell Alien OG at

Pants - No longer available. Sorry!

Feel free to share your honest thoughts in the comments as well as other models you feel people are sleeping on. Also, let me know if you have any questions/concerns in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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Okay, so here's my honest opinion. I've never been a huge fan of Puma kicks. There have been a few pair over the years that I've liked, but I don't normally gravitate towards their shoe line. That being said, each one of these would have to grow on me. The Inhale may be my favorite of the two here, though. The colors give off a natural vibe, and it looks like one of those pair you could wear everyday and not be uncomfortable doing so. The Alien OG gives me that mid 90's's cool for a kickback or something, but I probably wouldn't wear it much.


I agree with everyone else, the Inhale is wavy but I like the Alien too. Puma is very under rated


Idk if I could personally pull off either shoe, but I do think that CW's are dope, especially those Inhales!



Those Inhales are fire... The Aliens though are too reminiscent of 90’s era AirMax style, they are cushy on foot but I think the resemblance is what is going over people’s heads.

Good Read!!!



I could rock with the Inhale’s not sure if I could pull off those Aliens though.