People Are Upset PacSun Will Be Carrying Yeezy Boosts

Ray P

pacsun releasing adidas yeezy boost

Throughout the day retailers have been confirming their release of the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost designed by Kanye West. The more retailers dropping Yeezy Boosts the better right? Well, that wasn't the case when PacSun jumped on Twitter breaking the news. A lot of mixed reactions can be found in @TheShoeGame's mentions and a good percentage of those people are upset. Kanye did promise more availability and PacSun is as available as it gets. They do have a history of stocking Yeezus Tour merch, so the partnership does make sense.

Part of the Yeezy allure is that up until now, Kanye's sneakers were very hard to attain and are costly on the aftermarket. When PacSun made their announcement, it seems like that allure immediately went out the window for folks. Check out Tweets below: