Perfect Lace Swap Options for Your Boost Sneakers Made by boostVIBES and Rope Lace Supply

Ray P

boostvibes ropelacesupply lace collab

It's no mystery that lace swaps take your sneakers to a new level and we've found the perfect options for your adidas Boost sneakers.

boostVIBES and Rope Lace Supply collaborated on a lace pack designed specifically for your NMD and Ultra Boost. Included in the collection are three laces, Peach (flat), Creme (rope), and 3M (flat). Individually they're priced at $6.50 or you can grab the whole set for $19.50.

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Since the OG days with Bobbito Garcia, Break Dancers, and B-Boys, lace swaps were the ultimate way to set yourself apart from the rest. If you don't have a pair of Boost sneakers, Rope Lace Supply has plenty of options for Air Jordans, Pumas, Reeboks and more.

boostvibes ropelacesupply lace collab2
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