Pirus & Crips are Actually Wearing Kendrick Lamar's Reebok Ventilator

Ray P

pirus crips wearing kendrick lamar reebok ventilator-1

There's no question of how dominant the gang culture is in the streets of Los Angeles, California. Kendrick Lamar never strayed away from the realities of his environment. He didn't blow up and forget where he came from either. While majority were expecting a really flashy collaboration from K Dot and Reebok, both parties had something bigger than sneakers in mind. Kendrick sought out to unite Blue and Red with his "Neutral" Reebok Ventilator. And according to real Pirus and Crips, he's playing a part in doing just that.

pirus crips wearing kendrick lamar reebok ventilator

Reebok released Kendrick's Ventilator collab at midnight on July 18th and instantly sold out. It didn't just go to resellers and sneakerheads either.

Check out what a couple of Pirus and Crips thought about Kendrick Lamar's Reebok Ventalitor collaboration and what it means to gang culture right now and in the future. Peep the video below.