Puma Releases A Crazy Patchwork Sneaker


Puma is the latest brand to drop a patchwork shoe.

If executed properly, patchwork sneakers become instant favorites. The size? x Vans collab is a perfect example of a patchwork sneaker done right. Puma joined the fun with its new patchwork designed Suede.

This is another shoe I was unaware of until I spotted it during my recent visit to PG Plaza. That's another reason why I love visiting malls and shops because it's nothing like discovering new releases and seeing new footwear in person.

I understand that I'm old school, and I'm perfectly okay with that title. I saw this patchwork Puma at Foot Locker in PG Plaza and I was told the shoe had just hit shelves.

The shoe features a number of different prints including plaid, denim, acid wash, camo, cheetah and more. Watch the video player above for a detailed look, and look for this shoe to hit Puma.com soon.

Are you a fan of this shoe or is patchwork not your thing?

Puma Releases A Crazy Patchwork Sneaker