Puma Thunder Spectra Release Date + Price


Puma Thunder Spectra release date + price…

Is this the best dad shoe so far?

Maybe this is not the best, but it’s the most wearable pair, in my opinion. If you put all the dad shoes in a room and I have to pick one, I’m rockin’ with the Puma Thunder Spectra.

The sneaker looks high end and good. Give credit to Alexander McQueen because to my knowledge, this model is a reworked version of a McQeen sneaker.

I think the colorblocking is dope too. And is it just me or does this model resemble a Prada shoe? Let me know if you agree or disagree in the comments and share your honest thoughts.

Look for this shoe to hit Puma.com and select Puma accounts April 28 for $120.

Puma Thunder Spectra Release Date + Price