Puma To Re-Enter US Basketball Market With Products Grounded In Performance


Puma to re-enter US basketball market with products grounded in performance.

Oh snap! Puma is making big headlines in 2018.

News just hit the web about Puma re-entering the US basketball market. According to Matt Powell, Puma wants a piece of the US basketball sneaker market.

His exact words, “Puma to “re-enter” the US basketball market and will “focus on the culture around the game” with products “grounded in performance” and partners “that are culturally relevant to the game (performance & entertainment.)”

Interesting news, right? So what does this mean? What does this news sound like to you? Looks like we can expect to see new Puma basketball shoes on the court this year or next year.

Based off the info provided, we might see a signature shoe by athletes and entertainers. It’s unclear at the moment what we can expect exactly, but we know for a fact Puma is eyeing the US basketball market.

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Puma To Re-Enter US Basketball Market