RADii Footwear x Jay-Z 420 Top


RADii Footwear x Jay-Z 420 Top

Everyone is talking about the black and white shoes Jay-Z was wearing at the Honda Center concert and his recent Madison Square Garden sold out event. People are saying that it's a new Rocawear shoe or maybe it's a new collaboration with a shoe company. Who knows, right? Well, through some digging, we have found out what the multiple-strap-vulcanized shoe is.

The shoe Jigga man was wearing is called the RADii 420 top. It' s a shoe that comes from a company named, you guessed it, RADii, which is based in Southern California. The 'Creative Director' previously worked in the business of sports boutiques for 10 + years.

Radii (ray-dee-eye) Footwear was launched in Southern California during the Fall of 2008. Radii's founders came from a long illustrious career in retail therefore, they were able to see what the consumer was really interested in and create a brand that has the true pulse of the customers.

Radii is a unique lifestyle brand designed to reflect each individual’s unique personality from the feet up. With futuristic designs and materials, each shoe exudes confidence for the ambitious forward-thinkers of the world.

The shoes come in many materials, colorways, and models. Some make-ups have a mixture of materials, from patent leather, to full and sectioned off perf, full gummy soles, regular and metallic leather. The models they have, with an un-named boat shoe, are the Radii420 Top (men and woman's model), 420 Low, Straight Jackets, Stranglers and the Thrillers. They have also done a super limited collaboration with IM King that included two 420 top colorways (image below).

What you may not know is that the RADii 420 Top has been on a few celebrities feet already. Flo Rida wore a pair at Today Show and Taboo, from the Black Eye Peas, wore the stranglers at the red carpet entrance to the Teen Choice Awards '09. Than wore the same 420 top model, that Flo Rida wore, to the Teens Choice Award stage performance (images below). Also, Travis from Gym Class Heroes was seen backstage with the all white 420 Top.

Here are some images of their 2009 line up (First 4 shots are from their '08 MAGIC Show).


RADii x IM King


This is the 420 Top model Flo Rida, Taboo, and Jay-Z wore; Jigga's being in the black and white makeup.


420 Low


Straight Jacket


Stranglers (Taboo wore these at the red carpet entrance of the Teen Choice Awards 2009)




Jay -Z rocking out with the 420 Top in an exclusive make-up. What isn't knowing at the moment is if the Jay-Z 420 Top make-up is really exclusive to him.


Flo Rida with the 420 Top


Taboo with the Stranglers


Taboo with the 420 Top


Travis with the all white 420 Top


With major celebrities endorsing RADii, expect the brand to make big waves in the coming months and year. For locations and to look at the rest of their fall '09 footwear lookbook visit them at, Radii.com. Let the comments commence...