Random Questions, Random Places: Dino Hatfield


Today I introduce the first episode of new video series I created called “Random Questions, Random Places.”

The name of the show is self explanatory.

Instead of asking the typical questions, I wanted to switch things up by profiling people in the sneaker industry via a series of random questions in random places. The first episode was filmed in a nail salon which explains why I’m holding nail polish and why he’s holding a nail magazine. Ha!

My overall vision was to create a fun, entertaining, and informative interview series with people who are known throughout the sneaker and entertainment community/industry.

The first episode kicks off with none other than Dino Hatfield aka BaltSneakerShow. He’s been extremely low key as of late, but he’s well-known for leaking early sneaker info and images.

I apologize for some of the background noise, but this is my first episode. I learned a lot!

Now it’s time to play your part. Watch the the first episode and share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!