Random Questions, Random Places Episode 2 Features adidas Overlord Jon Wexler


New month. New Episode.

I am pleased to share with everyone episode 2 of “Random Questions, Random Places.”

As the story goes, this is a fun video series I thought of last year, and after revising the concept, I debuted episode 1 with Dino Hatfield aka BaltSneakerShow last month.

It’s time for round 2 with none other than Jon Wexler of adidas. Wex didn’t ask for it, but he’s the face of adidas on the employee side. With a role like adidas VP Global Entertainment and Influencer Marketing, it’s pretty obvious why Wex is the guy who finessed the Kanye West deal.

Wex and I actually go way back, so it was dope to have him be a part of my vision.

With a show called “Random Questions, Random Places,” it’s important to stay true to the name. That said, watch episode 2 below as I ask Wex random questions in a gym.

Thanks for watching and enjoy!