Real vs Fake: Fear of God Vans Era


Say No to Fakes… unless that’s your thing.

You know a shoe is high demand when it lands on the counterfeit market radar.

That’s nothing new and it’s been like that for years. Jerry Lorenzo has one of the hottest clothing brands known to mankind right now, Fear of God. The thirst is real for all-things FOG!

And when I say all-things, I literally mean all-things, including the highly sought after FOG Vans Era. If I had to guess, I would say Jerry currently has the most wanted Vans on the market right now. Not Supreme. Not Mastermind. But mothalovin’ Fear of God.

Ask around, I try my best to speak the truth. The demand is so real that the counterfeiters had to get in on the hype and make some money.

By glancing at the photo, are you able to tell the authentic from the fake?

If not, it’s all good. BDG is here to help. The legit pair is on the left. Do a quick comparison of both shoes and you should quickly be able to spot the differences.

The biggest and most obvious no-no is the font! It’s off dawg. Look at it.

So if you’re in the market for a pair of FOG Vans Era, refer to this post.

Don’t get got! You’ve been warned.

Image: truesthawaii

Real vs Fake Fear of God Vans Era