Reebok Classic 3AM Atlanta Collection


Reebok Classic 3AM Atlanta collection…

I’m proud of my city.

A lot of good things have been happening within Atlanta’s culture. For this particular news, Atlanta’s sneaker scene has received some good looks the past two weeks.

Lucid FC and Raunchy both were part of a huge Fila collaboration program. I’ll get those collabs up soon. But just last Thursday Reebok released its Atlanta 3:AM collection featuring LVRN and FRKO.

LVRN stands for Love Renaissance and FRKO is Freako Rico. LVRN is a record label and creative collective and Rico is an artist as well as an ATL native.

The collection features three classic Reebok models that were reworked by the aforementioned creatives. The standout pair to me is the Marta inspired Workout – easily the best shoe in the collection.

To be fair, all three shoes are were well executed. And in case Reebok 3:AM sounds familiar, Reebok kicked off its first campaign in New York with Trouble Andrew. I wonder which city is next.

Entire collection is currently available on

Take a look at the collection below and feel free to share your thoughts.

Reebok Classic 3AM Atlanta Collection

Photo: regulartob