Remembering Kobe Bryant's Sneaker Free Agency


Kobe Had One Of The Best On Court Sneaker Years

Kobe sneaker legacy is undeniable, but there was a time where Kobe’s feet had no allegiance.

Before he officially signed with Nike in the summer of 2003, Kobe Bryant played in many different sneakers.

He was fresh off of his adidas deal, a partnership that granted him a few signature sneakers. But after three straight championships, Kobe was hungry to dominate sneakers as well.

After the summer of 2002, Kobe paid a reported $8 million dollars to get out of his adidas contract.

However, the buyout stated that Kobe couldn’t sign with another brand until 2003.

Free to wear whatever he wanted, Kobe hit the court in a wide range of heat and it wasn’t all Swooshed or Three-Striped either.

Take a look at a few of the Sneakers he wore in this article.

Source: Solecollector