Remembering the Sneakers Ruined My Life Shirt


Remembering the Sneakers Ruined My Life Shirt…

Who remembers this tee?

I spent my day traveling yesterday, and the plan was to publish this blast from the pastyesterday. I believe some people call today Flashback Friday so this post works.

My archives is full of Throwback Thursday gems because I’m somewhat of a hoarder. I’m just being honest. I have no idea why I held onto so many things, but I did.

The other day I was digging around in my closet and I ran across this iconic Sneakers Ruined My Life t-shirt by Ecko. I don’t remember the exact year this tee dropped, but I know it was a must have item.

Like I said on IG, burn the sneaker history book if this tee is not mentioned. Someone else said, “This is probably the first real shoe inspired streetweae tee.”

However, you slice it, this shirt is a piece of sneakerhead history.

Did you have this tee too? Share your story in the comments.

Remembering the Sneakers Ruined My Life Shirt

Photos: GRocSmith / MJO23Dan