REPORT: Supreme To Start Banning IP Addresses of Bot Users

Ray P

The war against bots is a fight many retailers have been struggling with for a long time.

Supreme and arguably are the two most prominent online shops where bots are an extreme issue. Nike has gone on record many times putting forth new practices to try to stop the cheating and now Supreme joins in on the effort.

According to @TheSupremeSaint, Supreme is about to start taking measures they and every online retailer should have done years ago. Read the tweet below:

The truth is every retailer has access to see how fast an IP address was able to scoop up product. If this report turns out to be true, purchasing anything online with Supreme might be come a bit more fair. While the bots might slow down, you’ll still have hundreds of thousands of real people to beat just to check out. Stick with TSG as more information develops on this story.

H/T: Complex